Annual men’s meeting

The annual pre-season men’s meeting is to be held on Wednesday 19th February at 7pm, outline of details as below.

Also to advise that the list is now on the noticeboard to enable entry of names for those men that anticipate being available for League games this year.  In order to provide required names of  ‘tied’ players, the club needs this information by mid March. If you do not anticipate being able to attend the club in the next few weeks to enter your name but would like to do so, then please advise me and I’ll add you to the list.

The agenda for the meeting will be:

(1) Apologies for absence.

(2) Adverts: Club website, Coffee morning

(3) Friendlies

(4) Captains Shield – election of Men`s section Vice-Captain.

(5) Selection process for Men`s league teams.

(6) Election of team Managers, (in accordance with the relevant club by-law). If you wish to stand for a position as Team or Assistant Manager, please PRINT your name on the poster displayed in the clubhouse.

(7) AOB