Bowls Drive Details

Bowls drive Saturday 20th August 2022

Please arrive for 13.30 so that play can start no later than 14.00.  Dress code is smart casual (non uniform day) but of course standard bowls shoes must be worn.

Linda Storey will run the order of play, which will work as follows:

You will draw a token, which tells you what position you are playing and which rink you are on.  You will be in teams of 4.  Each person will have their own score card and will keep a running score of for and against. The difference at the end of each set of 4 ends will be your score (e.g. 6/4 – your score is 2).

After 4 ends you will redraw for position and rink of play. This means you could be lead, 2, 3 or skip!  If you have to sit out a set, you will automatically score 4 points.

Play will finish around 17.00 and food is available from 18.00, giving plenty of time to quench your thirst at the bar.

Don’t forget – this is for FUN, so don’t worry if you have to play in a position you are not used to!

Please bring a raffle prize if you can.