President’s Day update and Addendum

Subsequent to the earlier message reproduced below, please note the following:

Having examined the timings of game length and lunch service there has been a minor tweak to the format, which will be explained on the day. This should bring the length of the morning play session down to around 2¼ hours, with lunch planned for approx. 12.15.  Players are requested to leave the club grounds before the afternoon players arrive so we can stay within our permitted limits on numbers.

For the afternoon session we ask players to attend at 13.15 for lunch, with play commencing at 14.00.

Shortly before 3 pm we will have a full pause in play to allow for the national minutes silence at 3 p.m. in honour of The Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh.


A few minor items for those that are attending for the Presidents day event on 17th April.

1) There may be a small adjustment in the timing of the afternoon start and lunch, to Covid manage the numbers that will be present at the club at the same time.
2) There are a limited number of club benches  If you wish to have a seat for consuming your lunch then please bring a portable chair with you.
3) Rather than use a window for drinks service, it is now intended to set up a table across the central clubhouse doors, which will enable collection and payment.

Confirmation of timing changes will follow soon.