Strollers update

Those who have signed up for the Strollers for 2022.

Can you do two things right now?

  1. Let us know if there are Fridays in the summer when you will not be available; holidays, visitors, and so on. This will help us in evening out selections, and avoiding picking you if you cannot play.
  2. We will, whenever possible, select husbands and wives to play in the same matches. You may also have people with whom you wish to car share, or be selected together. In that case, please make sure we are aware.

As the Strollers matches are ‘selected’, there is no need to book your availability for each and every match. We will know you are available already. Once a team is selected, then you should confirm your availability either on the web site or by ticking off the list in the clubhouse.

Many thanks for your help.

3 rinks have been booked for 2pm Tuesdays, 12, 19, and 26th April for roll up sessions.

Mike and Maggie Coe