Winter Pairs Leagues

Now Autumn is well underway it’s pleasing to see our “off season” games being played, even if this year’s restrictions mean that normal service has not yet been resumed. Sue is doing a great job with the carpet bowls but whilst some games of short mat are happening we do have the scope to increase the usage of the facilities. The same applies to our latest addition, petanque, where some are playing regularly but there’s room for more.

The restrictions though mean we need some creative thinking for this to happen. It’s not so easy as when we could use 4 rinks at the same time, being restricted to a maximum of 6 has it’s consequences.

So I am offering to assist by setting up an informal pairs league for both short mat and petanque, the precise format depending on the response. As it would be down to the players themselves to arrange the time of each match, via our online booking system (which is working very well), I think it would be better to keep it to pairs, and not triples, as it makes sorting things out  easier, especially as I propose that couples partner each other.

Could those who are interested kindly respond to myself, David House on or 01872 859439.

So long as Cornwall remains in the “medium” Tier we should be OK to go on playing in groups up to the maximum of 6 inside the clubhouse, following all the necessary procedures. However should that change, for instance with a national “circuit break” being imposed, then petanque could  become the only game in town, at least for a while.

David House