The committee wishes to remind all players of general etiquette when around the green. Below is the relevant page from the County handbook, which our newer members may not be aware of.  In particular, your attention is drawn to a few elements that have been unsettling some players as follows:

Once a player is on the mat ready to deliver, those at the other end should not be moving, and persons outside of the green should not walk across their ‘eye line’ immediately behind that rink. Instead pause and wait for the bowl to be delivered before continuing.

If you are at the delivery end, ensure any conversation is muted when another player is on the mat, ready to bowl.

When proceeding to the other end do NOT walk through the head, walk to the side and past.

Ensure you stand back from the head to give clear line of sight for subsequent bowls to be delivered.  Only 3’s & skips should enter the head in between shots, to ascertain any changes and advise on shots.

Above all we want all players to enjoy your games, and adhering to the above instructions will enhance the playing experience.

Click on this link for the County handbook extract.