Not Turning Up

To whom it may concern.

Yesterday (5th Sept.) we were fortunate to welcome the international umpire, Phil King, to the club to run a course.  This event was limited to a specific number of attendees and all places were booked.

Unfortunately, several ‘booked-in’ members failed to show up and did not inform the organiser.  This meant that the session had to be re-jigged (after waiting) and it was too late to replace them, so others who wanted to attend were deprived of the opportunity.  This is also embarrassing for the club.

A reminder: it is the responsibility of the player to inform the manager/organiser if the are unable to fulfil a fixture for which they have confirmed availability.  Although this was not a fixture, the booking area clearly stated that it was using the fixture booking process.  Below is reproduced a section of the website user instructions, relating to this subject.

If you are unavailable to play in a fixture for which you have been selected, you should contact the team manager directly and not just rely on the fact that you have not confirmed availability.  The system does not have a specific ‘unavailable’ option, although it does have an option to cancel after confirmation, by going to the ‘Your Fixtures’ page.