‘Strollers’ type roll-ups – 20th/21st June

Below is a list of the players for this coming weekend. If anyone is interested in playing in a strollers type roll up get in touch with Sue Rath – tel 01326 372992. Please be aware that you need to register with Chris Johns, our Club Secretary, before you can play. The rinks are booked for 2–4pm on Saturday and 10am-12noon on Sunday. Teams and rinks will be changed each week so everyone gets a chance to play with different people.

Saturday 20th June 2020 2 – 4pm
Rink 1               Rink 2                    Rink 3
B Green            S Rath                    Mike Coe
C Bowden        C Woodman          H Rawlings
D Woodman    Marion Almond   W Fowler
Maggie Coe      M Green                 T Hill

Sunday 21st June 2020 10am -12 noon
Rink 1                Rink 2                     Rink 3
D Peacock         E Dodd                   Martin Almond
L Simpkin         I Dodd                    D Commerford
D House            J Commerford      E Drysdale
A O’Sullivan     R Riley                    J Peacock

Anyone who cannot play please let Sue know tel:01326 372992