Use of Pushers -updated

Following the first event where pairs has been played this Saturday, it has become apparent that, now we have 16 woods involved in a game, the issue of moving the woods back once the end is completed is difficult for some members to manage safely. This has been given consideration and agreement reached that 1 ‘pusher’ per rink will be made available for use to assist with the task.

For prevention of cross contamination between players:

This pusher is to be handled by only 1 lead player, who should be nominated at the beginning of the game, and that player will be responsible for taking the pusher from end to end during the match (please don’t lean on it during this process). On completion of the game the same player will be responsible for sanitising the handle area and placing it either in the plastic storage cupboard that is already in use for the mats (if it will fit) or adjacent to it if not fitting.


With regard to the stowage of the pushers when not in use it has been evaluated that fitting the 3 pushers into the plastic storage cupboard involves a considerable amount of juggling of pushers and the cabinet itself to get them into the space. In order to protect the equipment during this time of very changeable weather I have therefore cleared the area immediately inside the main club entrance door, the ‘brolly bin’ has been relocated, and the pushers are now stored under the telephone table.

Stacked as a bunch they do not obscure the entrance to the club but please take care when removing them, and ensure that you replace in the same manner so that the entrance does remain safely clear for access. 

When pushing the woods back they should be collected as one group near to the ditch behind (but clear of) the mat area. Other players should stand at safe distance to one side when an opponent approaches the woods to select their wood, preferably rolled back from the group with a foot so as not to handle another players woods.

I take this opportunity to remind members that only 1 player should be handling the jack & mats. If the opponents of that player have won the previous end they may request the mat to be put in a particular place and may move the jack by foot if they wish to position it differently to the way it has been placed.

Both players to walk up the LEFT hand side of the rink in distanced succession when proceeding to the other end.

Chris Johns – Secretary